CEG Medical Learning Series

CEG Medical Learning Series

The CEG medical learning series assumes you are interested in learning more about cannabis for medical purposes.

Providing practical knowledge for the medical cannabis sector, the CEG educates healthcare professionals, pharmacists, and business leaders on the different areas that are involved in the emerging medical cannabis industry.

The CEG medical learning series includes live sessions with Q&A, along with access to pre recorded video capsules from medical cannabis experts and patients. Videos are between 15 and 30 minutes.

* To be clear these are not accredited, nor are they medical or regulatory courses, however they may include information about how medical cannabis practices are being used, and/or development across the legal cannabis commercial and medical spaces.

Understanding cannabis for medical purposes.


From harm reduction strategies, R&D and patient prescribing, to form factors and delivery methods, CEG brings a wide range of information to help drive medical cannabis understanding and healthy cannabis discourse.

Upcoming series:

  • Cannabis for Medical Purposes (What Makes Cannabis A Medicine – From Ancient Plant To Modern Medicine – plant science + body interaction)
  • Health Care Integration (Prescribing and patient interactions, harm reduction considerations)
  • Cannabis Formats and Administration (Delivery methods, body absorption, form factors, dosing)
  • Pharmaceutical Requirements (Drug interactions and considerations, plant-based to synthetic)
  • Patient perspectives (Featuring patients MS, Cancer, Concussion, Anxiety)

Included in our video series

  • Prescribing Cannabis To Patients – The Converted Family Physician
  • Research Support Medical Cannabis Use – The Next Steps For Cannabis Research
  • What Makes Cannabis A Medicine – From Ancient Plant To Modern Medicine
  • Science Of The Body – Receptors And Systems

     Custom member programs include topics such as:

    • Understanding safe CBD cannabis oil extraction
    • Dosing Standards
    • Drug Interactions in the Body
    • Perspectives From the Patients
    • GMP Pharmaceutical standards and the impact on medical cannabis development
    • Bio Synthetic cannabinoids
    • Socioeconomic opportunities – from drugs to industrial uses


    The CEG Tool Kit provides educational tools to help identify what can be used in the communications between patients and practitioners starting their medical cannabis journey. These tools are intended to allow for a more comfortable and easy to understand way to begin the discussion around cannabis as a medical and therapeutic option for patient care.

    Toolkit includes example documents used in legal medical cannabis markets.

    • Patient Tools
    • Practitioner Tools
    • Business Tools

    If you are interested to learn more about our learning series and how you can book an educator or program for your market please contact us using the button or the form below.


    Helping to create healthy cannabis discourse.


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